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Modular Free Standing Therapy Pools

Previous Next MODULAR Free Standing Therapy Pools These free standing pool systems are ideal for sports facilities, senior living groups, paediatric therapy, leisure facilities and general hydrotherapy practice. The pools are also useful for patients who are attempting to gain or maintain a level of mobility. The liner of the pool is manufactured from high …

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Product Range

Focus Aquatic Treadmill Active Trainer System FUSION Free Standing Pool Treadmill FUSION Integrated Pool Treadmill FUSION Movable Floor Pool Treadmill

Hydrotherapy Pools

HYDRO PHYSIO Pools Free Standing Hydrotherapy Pools Features Previous Next Pool Details: Kit format pools for easy installation and relocation No groundworks required Reinforced pool liner developed for canine use A low cost hydrotherapy option Water treatment systems, recirculation including a skimmer Pool Options: Five pool sizes from 18m³ – 56m³ Non-slip external and internal …

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Veterinary Hydrotherapy

Veterinary Hydrotherapy Post Operative Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Supportive Movement For Elderly Patients Neurological Injury Recovery Weight Loss Programmes Gait and Posture Correction Psychological Wellbeing Pain Management Limb Amputees Wellness Training Post-Operative Rehabilitation Just like humans recovering from a surgical procedure, dogs also benefit from post-operative rehabilitation. After the initial period of rest is completed, hydrotherapy can …

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Benefits of Hydrotherapy

SPORTS CONDITIONING AND PERFORMANCE Sports injuries can be severe and form is easily lost. Rehabilitation timing used to be dependent on the injury healing to a stage where it was ‘ready’ to commence exercise. Strengthening and conditioning of the body for overall performance can be greatly enhanced by training in a HYDRO PHYSIO aquatic therapy …

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