Free Standing Hydrotherapy Pools

dog in hydrotherapy pool


Pool Details:

  • Kit format pools for easy installation and relocation
  • No groundworks required
  • Reinforced pool liner developed for canine use
  • A low cost hydrotherapy option
  • Water treatment systems, recirculation including a skimmer

Pool Options:

  • Five pool sizes from 18m³ – 56m³
  • Non-slip external and internal patient access ramps
  • Non-slip internal step unit
  • Therapist ‘up and over’ ladder
  • Resistance jets
  • Conventional electric or air source heat pump for heating the water
  • Pool cover

Hydrotherapy assists in post-operative rehabilitation, pain management, weight loss and psychological wellbeing. Low impact exercise is gentle on ligaments and joints, helping to keep patients as comfortable and pain free as possible.

This free standing pool system is recommended for canine swimming. The liner of the pool is manufactured from high tenacity polyester fabric, coated with PVC on both sides. The material resistance is greater than 220 or 280kg/5cm (depending on the model).

The anti-UVA and fungicide properties of the liner material ensures durability and creates a clean, safe environment. The pool frames are anodised aluminium, which is robust, rigid and lightweight. When assembled with the cast aluminium joints, the pools will stand upright without water. The pools are supplied with comprehensive assembly instructions and we can recommend installation teams if you require assistance during setup.


MAX-1 5400 x 3650 x 1200 4750 x 3000 x 1200 18m3
MAX-2 6650 x 3650 x 1200 6000 x 3000 x 1200 23m3
MAX-3 9150 x 3650 x 1200 8500 x 3000 x 1200 32m3
MAX-4 1040 x 4900 x 1200 9750 x 4750 x 1200 50m3
MAX-5 1165 x 4900 x 1200 1100 x 4250 x 1200 56.1m3

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