Free Standing Therapy Pools

These free standing pool systems are ideal for sports facilities, senior living groups, paediatric therapy, leisure facilities and general hydrotherapy practice. The pools are also useful for patients who are attempting to gain or maintain a level of mobility.

The liner of the pool is manufactured from high tenacity polyester fabric, coated with PVC on both sides. The material resistance is greater than 220 or 280kg/5cm (depending on the model). Anti-UVA and fungicide properties of the liner material ensures durability and creates a clean, safe environment. The pool frames are anodised aluminium, which is robust, rigid and lightweight. When assembled with the cast aluminium joints, the pools will stand upright without water.

The pools are supplied with comprehensive assembly instructions. A range of non-slip stainless steel access ramps and step units is available, our technical sales team can help plan your access options to suit your facility and user mobility requirements.

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1100 water height
40° max temperature
Recycled treated water system
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