underwater treadmill

Product Range

About Hydro Physio Product Range Benefits of Hydrotherapy Why Water? Contact Us Our underwater treadmill solutions cater to a wide range of industries and environments, enhancing fitness routines by offering low impact but highly effective physical programmes. Our range can support rehabilitation and mobility during athletes’ recovery, encourage active ageing in retirement communities and offer …

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Benefits To Service

Affordable Solutions to a new revenue stream HYDRO PHYSIO can greatly assist in the health and welfare of patients. It is commonplace to offer therapy both pre and post op to give patients the best possible outcome. A program of veterinary recommended sessions will also be covered by many pet insurance policies. The additional benefits …

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Hydrotherapy Treadmills

About Hydro Physio Product Range Hydro Physio Pools Why Water? Contact Us The Only Choice for peace of mind HYDRO PHYSIO treadmills are designed and manufactured in the UK. We are proud to have achieved BSI standard certification for our product range, design and manufacturing capabilities, and we aim to maintain the highest standards in …

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