aquatic therapy

Product Range

Focus Aquatic Treadmill Active Trainer System FUSION Free Standing Pool Treadmill FUSION Integrated Pool Treadmill FUSION Movable Floor Pool Treadmill

Benefits To Service

Affordable Solutions to a new revenue stream HYDRO PHYSIO can greatly assist in the health and welfare of patients. It is commonplace to offer therapy both pre and post op to give patients the best possible outcome. A program of veterinary recommended sessions will also be covered by many pet insurance policies. The additional benefits …

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Why Water

The Professionals Choice Hydrotherapy assists….. Rehabilitation Circulation Balance and Stability Gait and Posture Psychological Wellbeing Pain Management Weight loss Hydrostatic Pressure Reduces peripheral oedema, assists circulation, reduces heart rate and arterial pressure. Increases metabolic rate and lymphatic drainage. Creates phastic stimuli to the sensory skin receptors decreasing hypersensitivity allowing increased movement with less pain. Surface …

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Why Water?

Why Water? Water offers far greater resistance to motion than air… This supportive environment boosts user confidence and promotes slower, more deliberate movements, which aids monitoring and analysis. Typically, users of HYDRO PHYSIO aquatic therapy treadmills, exercising waist deep in water, experience around 60% reduction in effective body weight; this can be particularly helpful during …

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Benefits of Hydrotherapy

SPORTS CONDITIONING AND PERFORMANCE Sports injuries can be severe and form is easily lost. Rehabilitation timing used to be dependent on the injury healing to a stage where it was ‘ready’ to commence exercise. Strengthening and conditioning of the body for overall performance can be greatly enhanced by training in a HYDRO PHYSIO aquatic therapy …

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