Adult Obesity


>30% of the World's Adults are Obese or Overweight

The weight of a nation puts pressure on healthcare throughout the world. The links between weight and health have long since been established. The fact is, globally we are getting fatter.

As weight increases, patients find exercise harder. The strain of land based exercise on joints, ligaments and organs can cause additional health issues and problems.

HYDRO PHYSIO offer a solution to these problems with a calorific burn almost three times higher than the same land based exercise.

Childhood Obesity

95% of U17's with Type 2 Diabetes are Overweight and 83% are Obese

The childhood obesity crisis continues to be problematic for the medical profession. Potential health related consequences of childhood obesity range from type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular (CVD) risks, musculosketal problems to mental health disorders. Aquatic therapy has an important role to play in the weight loss of obese children. Many obese children find land based exercise difficult, buoyancy aids ease of mobility and the resistance in the water gives a more rigorous workout in a shorter amount of time.

>25% of Children in the Developed World are Overweight



Peak Fitness

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Water Resistance for Core Muscle Strength

Strengthening and conditioning of the body for overall performance can be greatly enhanced by training in a HYDRO PHYSIO aquatic therapy treadmill. Aquatic training provides both low impacting and challenging workout.

Push Beyond the Limits of Land Based Workouts…

Water resistance and surface tension promote high intensity exercise. Treadmill incline features and additional resistance jets provide the option to further challenge the user. The treadmills programmes can push training sessions further, with less risk of injury.


Accelerate Healing

Traditional rehabilitation after a sports injury can be slow. Form is lost while waiting to recover sufficiently in order to train again. With a hydrotherapy rehabilitation programme the body can begin to heal faster with less impacting strain on joints and ligaments. Pain management is effectively dealt with as warm water and buoyancy provides an ideal environment to work affected areas.

This type of therapy helps injuries such as:

Achilles tendon conditions


Fractured bones

ACL tears and repairs

The natural properties of water help athletes speed up recovery, minimising the loss of range of movement, whilst increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation (oedema).



Pregnancy and Hydrotherapy


Let Water Take The Weight

Hydrotherapy has help many women with SPD symptoms during pregnancy. Gentle walking with the resistance of water in the treadmill works by loosening the body, yet strengthening the core. This stronger core is essential for improving pain and preventing the condition from worsening.

Hydrotherapy and Postpartum Rectus Abdominis Muscles

In some cases the separation of the muscles remains significant, a condition called diastasis recti. This can lead to back pain, a weakened core and a very hard to shift postpartum tummy. It is important not to put additional pressure on these weakened muscles, for example planks or stomach crunches will be counter productive. Aquatic therapy is a gentle way of strengthening the body’s core and helps to realign the muscles.

Hydrotherapy can be effective tightening up the post pregnancy figure and weight loss.


Quality of Life

Quality of Life

As we age the body loses muscle mass and strength. Keeping the core strong and posture aligned can greatly reduce the effects of an aging body.

Land based exercise can be challenging if a person has a pre-existing condition such as arthritis. Hydrotherapy in temperature controlled water is the perfect way to cushion joints, making exercising more comfortable.

Studies show that exercising in water can promote the following:

Increased range of movement and flexibility

Lower blood pressure

An improved respiratory system

Reduction in stress levels

A greater feeling of wellbeing

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