Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy

Diplegic cerebral palsy can be managed effectively with aquatic therapy. Therapy sessions can turn weakness to strength and help to create a more natural gait.

Physical steps forward are matched by big strides in confidence.

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) operations can be greatly aided by aquatic treadmill therapy. This type of therapy plays an important role both in pre-operative preparation and post-operative rehabilitation.

The goal for many children with cerebral palsy is to walk unaided. With the combination of SDR spinal surgery and HYDRO PHYSIO therapy, this goal is now achievable.

Childhood Obesity

Add Your 95% of U17’s with Type 2 Diabetes are Overweight and 83% are Obese

The childhood obesity crisis continues to be problematic for the medical profession. Potential health related consequences of childhood obesity range from type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular (CVD) risks, musculosketal problems to mental health disorders. Aquatic therapy has an important role to play in the weight loss of obese children. Many obese children find land based exercise difficult, buoyancy aids ease of mobility and the resistance in the water gives a more rigorous workout in a shorter amount of time.

>25% of Children in the Developed World are Overweight



Arthritis & Fibromyalgia


Arthritis is the No.1
cause of disability

Arthritis and fibromyalgia cause debilitating pain in some patients. The gentleman in this picture could only walk 100 yards on land. To get a level of mobility into his life routine he uses HYDRO PHYSIO. The aquatic treadmill allows him pain free exercise and a great sense of satisfaction in his achievements.

The importance of a cardiovascular workout for arthritis and fibromyalgia patients is high. Immobility in patients creates further health issues. Aquatic therapy gives patients a method of cardio exercise, increasing confidence and improving the quality of life for those who live an immobile existence.

Back and Spinal Pain

Increased weight bearing, poor posture and degeneration of the spine can all lead to chronic pain. HYDRO PHYSIO aquatic therapy helps to decompress the spine, allowing more movement and relief from pain.

HYDRO PHYSIO is proven to have a significant impact in promoting healing and repair of the spine in patients with the following health problems:

  • Prolapsed Disc
  • Back Pain
  • Fractured Spine
  • Sciatica
  • Spondylitus and Spondylosis
  • Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

Back pain

Stroke Rehabilitation


Stroke is one of the largest causes of serious long term disability

Every two seconds someone in the world has a stroke for the first time. Lifestyle and blood pressure are contributing factors. Up to 80% of all strokes could be prevented. Physical inactivity and being overweight or obese are both areas where aquatic therapy can help those people who struggle with mobility. Studies have shown that regular exercise is as important to stroke prevention as medication.

72% of stroke patients have lower limb weakness. The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to help relearn skills such as mobility, co-ordination and balance. Water acts as cushioning, supporting weakened limbs and giving the patient confidence to relearn.


Post Operative

Research shows that those who rehabilitate earlier achieve independence and strength faster than those who wait to partake in land based exercises. Aquatic therapy is ideal as patients can begin exercise almost immediately after certain operations.

Aquatic therapy is proven to have a significant impact in post-operative rehabilitation for the following operations:

  • Pre and Post Knee Surgery
  • ACL Knee Surgery
  • Ankle Fusion Surgery
  • Femur Replacement
  • Fractured Foot
  • Fractured Pelvis
  • Hip Replacement
  • Shoulder Surgery
  • Spinal Surgery



Accident or Injury

Costs To The UK Workplace
4.1M Days Lost to Workplace Accidents 2014/15
40,000 Serious RTA Injuries - 3M NHS Bed Days

Serious accidents leave patients with a long road to recovery at a considerable cost to a country’s economy. HYDRO PHYSIO is proven as a faster method of rehabilitation in a wide variety of cases. Aquatic therapy provides support, reducing pain on load bearing joints. Comfortable temperatures also help with pain reduction. Hydrostatic pressure and the restoration of pre injury movement helps to release oedema around wound sites.

Rehabilitation can begin sooner than traditional land based physio.

From car and motorbike road traffic accidents, soldiers recovering from blast injury, crushed lower limbs as a result of an accident at work, a skier with multiple fractures…
Read on to learn how HYDRO PHYSIO rehabilitated these patients.

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